Darius Farrokhi

Darius is a mountain biking and photography enthusiast. He and his family joined the Georgia League in its inaugural season. Darius has traveled and toured on his bike through Europe and other countries. He fell in love with cycling before Mountain Biking was introduced to the public and enjoys cycling in all its styles of riding.

As Head Coach of the Galloway Outdoor Adventure Team and the GA League Photographer, Darius and his family enjoy being part of the Georgia League both as competitors and volunteers. Darius believes the Georgia League is a great way to introduce kids to cycling and outdoor activities in the most positive way. He enjoys every minute he can spend on the MTB-trails, especially when he is out there with the Galloway Team. For him, the Georgia League offers the unique opportunity to enjoy Mountain Biking in a family and team environment.

As a father of four and seeing all of his children race in the Georgia League, it makes him proud that two of them would like to go beyond the GA League and continue their Mountain Biking career in college.

Darius’ background is Information Technology Consulting (Enterprise Application Architecture and Business Integration ). He earned his master’s degree in Germany.

You can view his GA League race pictures in the online Georgia League Photo Gallery.