Race Weekend Volunteer 
There are many opportunities to contribute to the success of the League through volunteering. Race Weekend volunteers are our Starting Line-Up and we need your help this season!

If you have any questions, please contact the GA League Volunteer Coordinator, Lisa Hayes, at: Lyla@georgiamtb.org



Race Day Opportunities

Course Marshall

Guidelines | Video
Course Marshals have the most direct role in ensuring safety on the course. Course Marshals stand at key marshal points on the course to ensure everyone is safe and going the right way. Course Marshals have a variety of jobs on top of their primary tasks such as; crossing guard, League representative for other trail users, warning Student Athletes of upcoming obstacles and givers of encouragement. Radios are provided to communicate any problems or injuries. Course Marshals also keep track of any outside support, rule violations and DNF Student Athletes. Course Marshals can hike or ride bikes to their marshal points. Training meeting for all Sweepers and Course Marshalls will be held at the First Aid Tent at 9:00AM.

Course Marshall Hospitality

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You will be the best friend to every weary Course Marshall during the race. Your only job is to ensure that the Course Marshalls stay hydrated, fed and happy. This will require you to ride your bike delivering “care packages” to all of the Course Marshall points through the duration of the race. Training meeting for all Sweepers and Course Marshalls will be held at the First Aid Tent at 9:00AM.

Roving Course Marshall

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Course Marshals on bikes! Roving Course Marshals keep the entire course safe by reporting incidents and injuries while circling the whole course or a specific area. Training meeting for all Sweepers and Course Marshalls will be held at the First Aid Tent at 9:00AM.


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Sweepers add additional communication and emergency support out on the course. We want to ensure that every Student Athlete gets to the finish line in the safest way possible. While Sweepers enjoy riding their mountain bike around the course, they must also be willing to ride behind the tail end of a race category and tend to any issues that may arise on the course. Please check in at the volunteer tent ten minutes before your shift begins to receive your number plate. Training meeting for all Sweepers and Course Marshalls will be held at the First Aid Tent at 9:00AM.

Finish Line Support/Crossing Guard

Guidelines | Video
Finish Line Support Volunteers ensure Student Athletes finish strong and make a smooth transition from competing to reuniting with parents, coaches and teammates. The finish line is often the most hectic and crowded part of the race course. Parents and teammates crowd the finish line to see their Student Athletes finish. The Student Athletes will be exhausted, fatigued and in need of someone to corral them out of the way. Finish Line Support Volunteers allow Student Athletes a clear, safe exit from the race course. A quick training session meeting at the finish line will orient you in this unique part of the course. /// Crossing Guards are vital to protect the Student Athletes and to keep the course clear of spectators and vehicles. Crossing Guards are stationed where the race course crosses a road and will stop vehicle traffic until a break in the race provides safe passage for both the vehicle and the Student Athletes. Crossing Guards stationed along the snow fencing in the start/finish areas of the race will monitor specific crossing points for spectators.

Scoring Assistant

Guidelines | Video
The Scoring Assistants provide a critical role to keep track of the action moment by moment. The Chief Scorekeeper will guide you and the rest of the team in the positions of Data Entry, Number Caller and Hand Jammer. Be sure to come prepared with appropriate layers for a range of weather, as well as snacks and water  we also recommend a hat and sunglasses.

Course Take-Down

Volunteers will need to bring their bikes and helmets to take down the course markings and clean up the course. Volunteers will gather up ribbon, signs and other race-related debris. WE DO NOT START THE AWARDS UNTIL THE COURSE IS COMPLETELY TAKEN DOWN.