Coach’s Q and A – GMC Prep MTB Team

Our weekly team spotlight features one of our newest teams, GMC Prep MTB team.

Georgia League: Can you give us some general stats on the team – area, # of students, make-up of the team (i.e. schools, # of boys # of girls, # of MS and HS, where do you practice?
Coach Tom:There are 9 student athletes on the team (7 boys 2 girls) MS- 4 HS 5 HS. Our teams serves the GMC (Georgia Military College Preparatory School)

Georgia League: How did your team get started?
Coach Tom: GMC is a spin off team from Old Capital Racing team and was 3 years in the making. We worked with school leadership from the President of the college and prep school to the school’s Vice Principal to get the team established.

Georgia League: What are your goals for the 2018 season?
Coach Tom: Our first goal was to establish the team and build the core group of students.
Our second goal was to generate buzz within the school to stem future growth of the team.

Georgia League: What is your Coaching Philosophy?
Coach Tom: Our coaching philosophy is to promote healthy and active lifestyles and creating life long cyclists through encouraging both new and experience riders, providing a platform for them to grow and achieve their individual season goals.

Georgia League: Are there any compelling stories of student-athletes or coaches on your team?
Coach Tom: We have a student athlete that is asthmatic. When he first started out, he could not finish 2-3 miles without stopping several times. Now the student is able to 12-14 miles without stopping and has not had an asthma attack on the trail in 45 consecutive days.

Georgia League: What’s the most important detail you want to communicate to the public about your team – i.e. accomplishments, major changes, challenges, needs, awareness to recruit more athletes, etc.
Coach Tom: Old Capital Racing and GMC practice under the same umbrella team.

GMC’s modo is “character above all”. That’s always something that we have encouraged with Old Capital Racing and is a core value of our team. At race #2 one of our students in the Freshman category road up on a one of the other student athletes in the League that had crashed. The Old Capital Racing student stopped and made sure the student was okay and helped manage the traffic of the race so that Emergency services could safely extract the student off of the course. Through these efforts, the Old Capital Racing student lost over 25 places in the race. This is an example of what it’s all about and I am so very proud of all of our students.

Thanks to Tom Glover for giving us the inside information on the GMC Prep School MTB Team. Tom Glover is the Coach of the Georgia Military College Prepratory School MTB Team. He is the founder and former Coach of the Old Capital Racing MTB team. Tom is also a Georgia League Coach Supporter for Quadrant 3.