That’s a Wrap: 2020 Leaders’ Summit in Gainesville

It was an amazing first Leaders’ Summit for 2020 in Gainesville on the last weekend in February. We had over 115 attend from brand new first time coaches that haven’t attended a Georgia League event to coaches entering their 7th year with the League. The collaboration between coaches from different teams and levels of experience was invaluable. Coaches were grouped together differently throughout the weekend so that ideas and answers to questions from multiple sources would be presented.

As coaches go back to work with their teams, they will have multiple resources to share from each session. Training in topics including Coaching Philosophy, Practice Planning, Risk Management and On-the-Bike Skills instruction provided new coaches and returning coaches with a foundation and new ideas to integrate into the 2020 season for their coaches and riders.



We have several new teams for the season with representation at the Summit: Cherokee Bluff High and Middle schools, Denmark High and Middle schools, a potential Dawson County team and a team from the Adair Park area of Atlanta. If you know anyone in these areas, spread the word and  encourage them to reach out and get involved as a coach, rider, sponsor or volunteer.

Thank you to all of our Leaders’ Summit presenters and  attendees – coaches, leaders, parents for your willingness to give back to our kids and help them succeed! #morekidsonbikes



It’s not too late to attend! Our second Leaders’ Summit is in Milledgeville on April 18-19. Registration is still open, so go ahead and reserve your spot now. Anyone looking to start a new team must attend a summit. Also, any head coach or team director that has not attended a summit in the last 2 years needs to plan to attend. Any questions contact Lisa Hayes

REGISTER: April 18-19 Leaders’ Summit in Milledgeville






SPECIAL THANKS to Lisa Hayes for writing our event summary, and to Darius Farrohki for the pictures!