My Story: Carrie Wilbur, Cherokee Warriors Coach

Every Friday, we’ll be featuring a Georgia League coach, volunteer, or board member to tell their story about how they got involved with the league, what motivates them, and how much they love what they do.  We’re kicking off the series with Cherokee Warriors Coach (and Coach Supporter) Carrie Wilbur, of Canton, GA.


Tell us a little about you (hometown, team, biking background, family life): I live in Canton, GA; hometown of the Cherokee Warriors MTB team which I started 6 years ago.  My background into cycling started with triathlons, then moved to mountain biking when my husband got a MTB and went riding without me! I was on my mountain bike for three months and started the team. Luckily for me, Derek Boyd co-coached with me the first years so I was able to learn a lot.  My husband joined the team in 2017 to coach, while my daughter is a 4 year varsity lacrosse player, but she still rides with us for fun. 



How did you initially get involved with the GICL? I called Dan Brooks (who started the League) after seeing a flyer in a bike shop!  It looked so cool, I just wanted to help out. Our next conversation was to introduce me to my new team. At this point, I only owned a road bike… time to start shopping for a new mountain bike!  What a learning experience it has been for me: not only am I a head coach but a Coach supporter for GICL as well.  


Was there someone or something that inspired you to donate your time? I’m probably an unusual case: just a flier in a bike shop. Wow, that looks cool, I should join and help out. Pretty simple. Now, there are definitely someones and somethings that keep me here. To many to list to be honest.  


How has being involved with the GICL changed your life, or the lives of those close to you? It has, in so many ways: health, family, friends, coaching skills, education, etc.  I’m not just talking about myself but the coaching staff of my team and the riders too- it’s amazing to see and hear the stories from our participants across the state. This isn’t like a typically high school sport, this is something we look forward to doing every day with each other.


What is the one thing you wish others would know about the GICL and the effect it has on our athletes and parents?  One thing? Not fair!  I’d say it’s amazing how much fun it can be getting into amazing shape and improving your health… bikes are such an incredible vehicle for so many life benefits.