My Story: The Middle Georgia Composite Team

The Middle Georgia Composite is so thankful for the scholarship we received last year.  Without the help of the Georgia Interscholastic Cycling League, we could not have participated.  Because of your generosity and setting us on a foundation of success, we will have our own bikes for 2020.  Now we are going to still need help with registration costs but I feel each year, we will have a stronger plan for sustainability.


Tell us a little about you (hometown, team, biking background, family life):

Macon is ripe for mountain biking because we have three of the most awesome trails in Georgia. (Lake Arrowhead, Thompson Trails, and Pig Trails.)  Our head coach is Brian Robertson and I, Charise Stepehns, am Team Director. We have 5 other coaches on our roster.  (Coach Fred, Coach Diana, Coach Wesley, Coach Nathaniel and Coach Janet).  We are projected to have kids from Houston, Bibb, Jones, and maybe one from Monroe County this year.



How did you initially get involved with the GA League?  

U Create Macon started a youth road cycling team based in Macon and we were asked by Tom Glover if we wanted to incorporate mountain biking into our program.  We didn’t have any mountain bikes, but we jumped at the chance to have this program for our youth.  Lisa and the entire team set us up for success for our first year with with the Middle GA team with loaner bikes and reduced registration.  We could not have completed our first year without your help!


Was there someone or something that inspired you to join a team?

Tom Glover talked with me on program and with Brian Robertson leadership we completed our first year on the Middle GA team.  We are inspired by them both and appreciate all that they have done to move us forward.




How has being involved with the GICL changed your life, or the lives of those close to you?

This program has changed the lives of all our kids.  We have kids that have never been out of Macon and because of this program is seeing Georgia in a whole new light.  It’s been life changing for the kids and the adults sharing this experience with them.


What is the one thing you wish others would know about the GICL and the effect it has on our athletes and parents?

GICL is centered on the kids.  Every kid should have hundreds of people cheering them on from the first place winners to the last rider.  GICL gives these kids an opportunity to have outdoor adventures and to learn life skills that will follow them into adulthood.  We are so thankful to have our kids participate.