My Story: Kevin Adams, “Roofus the Wrench”

Hi everyone! My name is Kevin Adams, also known as “Roofus the Wrench” I head up the Fox Neutral Support for GILC. I was born and raised in this great state. I work full time as Service  Manager for Free Flite Bicycles in Sandy Springs.  I have been in the cycling industry for almost twenty years now, after selling my business and wanting to do something I was passionate about. I have since never hated going to work! I am married to Melissa Adams and I’m also known as Pop Pop to my grandsons Garrett and Drayton! I’ve been riding mountain bikes since the 90’s after growing up BMXing with bicycles bought from Free Flite Bicycles the company I now work for!



I got with the league when I came to the last race of 2017; I was there to help with neutral support. I basically became overwhelmed with a sense of responsibility to provide Race Service for the kids racing. The goal being that no kids would DNF due to mechanical issues. I talked with the powers at be to let me use my connections, knowledge and time to make this happen. I think it worked out well. Thanks to Kenny, Mike, Dan, Lisa, Jeff, Derek and Ryan for making it all come true!

I must stay that the league’s Core Staff is made up of first class individuals, that all work tirelessly to make our league what it is, the best. From the top down we’ve never had a need not met! Adapting on the go has been our specialty. I am inspired most by the kids. Watching them at race day, cheering and supporting teammates and fellow racers, competing for the win or finishing strong, and being thankful for neutral support makes it all worth while!



I have made so many new friends and relationships due to the league. It’s been a great journey so far and I look forward to more race seasons. I get the racing jitters when the kids are called up to the start line, like I’m the one racing! With a fully stocked Fox Neutral Support Trailer Ryan and I are ready for anything and can get a race back on course with NASCAR pit crew speed!

With the current lifestyle changes ongoing now, the cycling industry is booming. More people are riding, with their kids, which means more opportunities for families to get involved with GICL. Something positive out of a negative! And it’s all of our jobs to make sure they know they are welcome to join the league!


Current Bike: 2020 Santa Cruz Tallboy C

Favorite Tool: Beta 951 t-handle hex

Favorite Trail Ridden: Downieville, Ca.