My Story: League-Wide Thank Yous

In this week’s Georgia League “My Story”, we’re going to mix things up a bit: instead of focusing on a single volunteer or member of the league, wed like to focus on a handful of “thank yous” from our student athletes and teams!

Our sponsors and donors play a huge role in our league, as their generous donations and sponsorship money allows us to provide loaner bikes, pay registration fees, and allow participation to those who otherwise would be in trouble.  Thank you to all, and here are a few personal notes to let everyone know that those donations really do make a difference!



A couple of years ago, I received an email recruiting homeschoolers to be on the local mountain bike team.  I thought my athletic son would be interested, but he was not.  My youngest son, however, jumped on the idea of mountain biking and wanted me to look into it further for him.  As we understood more about the equipment needed and the fees associated with joining the team, I did not think there would be any possibility of him being able to participate given our budget situation.

However, the Georgia Interscholastic Cycling League and the local mountain biking team made it possible.  To my surprise, my son thoroughly enjoyed it.  He jumped into the sport whole-heartedly and immediately began to excel at it.  This year, he still enjoys it as, once again, Georgia Interscholastic Cycling League made it possible for him to participate.  Being on the team has encouraged him to strive to do his very best, to take the bumps and bruises with a smile, and to work as part of a team – great lessons to prepare him for life as an adult!  Thank you Georgia Interscholastic Cycling League!!



I want to thank you for your generosity in letting me use one of your loaner bikes for races and practices this past season!  I wouldn’t have been able to participate at the level I did without the use of the bike and help with race fees. It was a season of establishing myself as a rider and gaining new  strength and skills. Thank you for  your investment in myself and the other riders you’ve contributed to.




Thank you so much for everything you have done. Without your help I could not have done this sport.  This sport is so amazing, I love it. I love this sport because it is so fun and gets you in shape. You can meet a lot of new people.



Thank y’all so much for contributing time and money for me to be able to enjoy this season of mountain biking. Between making new friends and all the race days, I had so much fun. I love this sport because literally anyone can do it, and because racing isn’t about winning, it’s about finishing. The support from everyone on the team is amazing. Thank you again for helping make another incredible year of racing possible!



Thanks for contributing to our family so I can race in your wonderful Georgia league. Mountain biking is my favorite thing to do in my free time and racing is so much fun. You can make friends with the people you race with. The races are very enjoyable, because it is so organized. I couldn’t imagine life without mountain biking so thank you for making another year of racing possible for me.



The 2019 season was such a blessing for my family.  We added another child to the team.  She has long suffered from asthma and various allergies and we really weren’t expecting her to do well with being outside all the time and the physical demands of biking.  Boy where we wrong.  Not only did she NEVER have any allergy issues whatsoever, she also seems to have left asthma behind.  We could not have been more surprised.  Petra thrived as a new member of the team.

My other 2 girls continued to have great seasons as well.  My wife joined the team as a coach (way out of her comfort zone) and she also found biking to be surprisingly enjoyable.  I could write a book.  Please receive my deepest gratitude as a father for the financial support which was provided to my family in 2019 to help make the season such a rich part of our family life.  We are truly becoming a family of bikers.