Coronavirus (CoVid-19) Update |
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Coronavirus (CoVid-19) Update

As we continue to monitor the situation with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we are taking steps to help protect the health and well-being of our student-athletes, coaches and families.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update Last Updated: June 1, 2020

First off, thank you for all the dialogue during the past few months. We have had numerous thoughtful conversations with many of you and your input has helped shape this communication. Our top priority is to support our coaches, student-athletes and families. As restrictions ease in Georgia, we will be able to safely return to play. We know you’re excited to get back to riding with your teams and we are too!

Beginning June 8th, we will allow preseason activities for coaches and riders. All preseason activities will be limited to groupings of 20 or less. If Georgia continues to lower restrictions without issue, we anticipate opening up regular season practices on July 1. It will be important for all membership to follow our guidelines in order to ensure a healthy and safe transition to a regular season on July 1.

Please review the Return to Play Guidelines and complete the required action items as you begin planning condensed preseason and regular season practices. Please keep in mind that these guidelines are fluid and changing as we get updated information. Updates to these guidlines will be made on our blog page and dated.

The health and safety of our coaches, staff, student-athletes and families is the top priority of the Georgia League. We are sharing these recommended guidelines and procedures with all of our teams, coaches, families and student-athletes so that we are all contributing to the safest possible experience. If you have any concerns about the way these guidelines are being exercised by coaches, students, or familes, please submit feedback here or contact me directly.

We know this email contains a lot of information. Please review it carefully and please reach out if you have any questions.

Kenny Griffin

Executive Director


As we are allowed to return to the trails and restrictions are starting to lessen, we will be able to begin practices for the 2020 season! What a unique year this has been. This will also be a season that does not look like others and gives us many opportunities to reconnect with our teams and refocus on the goals and purpose of the Georgia League. Teams and families will have new adventures, and we never want to be stuck in a rut. So this year, we will definitely be on our toes and changing things up. Flexibility is the theme.

We wanted to begin by giving you some information about what we have been doing and where we are gathering our best practices and time line decisions. We have been studying and working with the guidance of the CDC information data and guidelines, the Governor’s office with restrictions and in person gatherings, other Affiliate League collaboration, the National Federation of High School Sports, the NICA national office and the Georgia High School Athletic Association. Any decisions we make for our families will continue forward with safety as our number one priority, just as it is in all mountain bike decisions and best practices currently in place.

Safety is always going to supersede any activity, boredom, finances, cries of the people or status quo that we do. That being said, our return to play guidelines are there to equip all of our coaches and families to be on the same page and follow the same procedures with understanding as we move into returning to practice with our teams. Please review our guidelines as you start planning a condensed pre-season and begin regular season practices.

We have updated our current waiver that will include a Covid-19 addendum. This has caused a reset in the pit zone for all student-athletes and coaches that have registered to date. Student-athletes will show that they are NOT PRACTICE READY and coaches will be RESET TO LEVEL 0. Once the new waiver is signed, coaches will return to their previous level and student-athletes will be practice ready.

Lisa Hayes

Programs Director

  • Return to Play Guidelines
  • UPDATED Waiver and Release
  • NEW Pre-Season Activity form – We have created an online version of the pre-season activities form to make things easier. Please complete this form for your pre-season activities during June. This must be approved before you hold your first in-person activity. You have up to 6 pre-season activities that you can do in June.
  • 2020 Rule Book – Please review the 2020 rule book with your team.
  • Pit Zone Registration:Coaches and Riders need to be registered in the Pit Zone in order to participate in Team activities.
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