Youth Development Through Cycling

Since 2014, the Georgia Interscholastic Cycling League (Georgia League) has worked to get more kids on bikes in Georgia. The Georgia League programs strive to create confident and responsible young adults and to provide them with the opportunity to learn about and participate in healthy and active lifestyles. We work to ensure the success of cycling by establishing and maintaining safe, quality youth programs around the state.

The Georgia League is one of twenty-five leagues in twenty four states and is an Affiliate member of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA), established in 2009, with over 18,000 student-athletes and 8,000 licensed coaches now participating across the nation. The collective experience of the leagues gives the Georgia League a level of professionalism and experience unparalleled in the industry. Skilled and dedicated coaches are the most important aspect of the Georgia League. The extensive coach’s training program provides coaches the tools and resources to teach students on the middle school and high school-based teams and clubs how to ride safely and realize the benefits of cycling as a lifelong sport. At the heart of our programs is a comprehensive approach to risk management. While we embrace all kinds of cycling, we have chosen cross-country mountain biking as the entry point, principally driven by our risk management principles. While not a risk free activity, the Georgia League aims to ensure appropriate risk under controlled conditions.


Georgia League Programs

The Georgia League is open to ALL Georgia students in grades 6 through 12, regardless of ability. We have created a variety of programs to make cycling accessible to every student who has a desire to participate.

• Race Program – We offer a five event mountain bike race series open to student-athletes interested in the competitive aspect of cycling each September – November. Teams participating in this program start pre-season activities April-June and the regular season begins in July and ends around mid November.

• Coach Licensing and Training – The Georgia League has a comprehensive coach licensing system. Through this program, we provide training for all adults involved in the programs, screen those adult coaches and monitor compliance with the licensing criteria at the annual Leadership Summit and through on the bike skills training events.

 Rider Financial Aid– Through the Georgia League rider financial aid is provided so those in need can participate in our programs. Financial aid is available for individual riders, teams and adult coaches.

 Rider Development Camp – The Georgia League offers a Rider Development Camp each summer for Georgia League student-athletes. The Georgia Rider Development Camp is the perfect place for kids to have big time summer fun, develop a love for mountain biking adventure, and challenge themselves in a healthy, supportive environment.

• Loaner Bikes– The Georgia League manages a fleet of capable bikes for use by student-athletes with an economic need.

• GRiT  – The GRiT program inspires young women to build confidence and empowerment through mountain biking. The goal is to increase the number of female student-athletes and female coaches on an annual basis.

• Switching Gears Recycled Bike Program – The Georgia League Switching Gears Recycled Bike Initiative donates used bikes and parts to organizations assisting “at-risk youth” in the Atlanta area through their mentoring and training programs.

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