Coach Supporter

Meet our Coach Supporter Team – Pictured L to R – Chad Hayes, Carrie Wilbur, Derek Boyd, and Tom Glover. Our Coach Supporter Team provides guidance, support, and training to new and existing coaches. They look forward to sharing the latest in NICA methods for coaching student-athletes. In addition, they will be advocating on behalf of coaches when it comes to national protocol updates, and ensure that the best-practices our coaches are all becoming the experts in, are represented at the highest level.

From Coach Chad

“I’m excited to work with my fellow coaches around the league in the role of Coach Supporter. I’ve already learned as much from them as they have from me. My goals are pretty simple; be there when a coach needs me and help develop tools to make it easier for them to run a team. I’m also very dedicated to upping our game in regards to having certified coaches leading our teams. The kids deserve good coaching and safe practices and I can already tell that our league coaches share my dedication to the students in our league. I’m proud of what we’re doing in Georgia and enjoy playing a role in the massive growth of middle school/high school mountain bike racing.”

Coach Chad is the Coach Supporter for Quadrant 1.
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From Coach Carrie

“Thank you so much for selecting me into the role of Coach Supporter. I look forward to using my skills as a trainer, consultant and multi-sport coach to help our Georgia League coaches.. There are many exciting things coming up and it will take all of us working together to make them possible. I’m thrilled to be a part of this amazing league. Thank you for the opportunity.”

Coach Carrie is the the Coach Supporter for Quadrant 2.
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From Coach Tom
“I am super excited to be in the role of coach supporter. I’m looking forward to helping my fellow Coach Supporters and the League staff make the GA League even better. With nearly a decade of experience in both mountain bike racing and teaching cycling skills and safety to kids, I hope to bring value to the coach supporter team and to help create more diversity in the organization for both coaches and athletes.”

Coach Tom is the Coach Supporter for Quadrant 3.
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From Coach Derek
“I am so honored and stoked to step into the role of coach supporter for the upcoming 2018 season. I am confident that my twenty plus years of racing, as well as coaching and managing Jr. teams in the South East provides valuable information in an effort to help new and existing Georgia League teams adopt the Leagues philosophy of strong body, strong mind and strong character. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to set a standard of excellence within our league. I am excited to forge relationships with our coaches and lead by example so they can in turn pass those standards on to student riders.”

Coach Derek is the Coach Supporter for Quadrant 2.
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Teams are divided into three quadrants throughout the state. Click on the map to the left to view the Coach Supporter for your team.