First Aid Training

First Aid Requirements


Mountain biking is a sport that involves inherent risk and often takes place in locations that responders would have trouble reaching in an emergency. NICA’s Coach Licensing Program sets high standards for first aid certifications.

NICA Coach Licensing Chart

Check with your local NICA League to see what WFA, First Aid, and CPR classes are being offered. Certifications are also available through the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and the American Red Cross. If you aren’t sure if a course qualifies, contact Coach Licensing.

Advanced First Aid and Wilderness First Aid: are 8 to 16-hour training designed to prepare anyone who enters the advanced terrain or the wilderness to confidently and effectively respond to injuries and illness that can occur while on the trail. The training will focus on staying calm, making good decisions, and relevant hands-on practice, including on-the-trail scenarios with fellow classmates.

Topics covered in the WFA course include:

• Managing an accident scene out on trail
• patient assessment – shock and bleeding
• head and spinal injuries
• wound care
• musculoskeletal injuries
• heat/cold related illnesses

WFA certified coaches will be prepared to handle an emergency involving either student athletes or fellow coaches, whether it be at the trail head, in the parking lot, or deep into a trail.

Basic First Aid: this requirement can be fulfilled only by hands-on classes, not online courses.

Topics include:

• severe bleeding
• shock
• wounds and burns
• muscle and joint injuries
• head and spinal injuries
• sudden illnesses

A current CPR certification is required for Level 2 and Level 3 certification. Classes may be offered by your league, but any Adult CPR certification will fulfill this requirement (for example, American Red Cross offers classes in most major cities). Typically CPR Certification lasts for 1-2 years.

Self-report certifications (with expiration date) to your coach license in the NICA Pit Zone. Be sure to fill in both the CPR and first aid sections.

To view the chart of Coach License Levels and first aid requirements please click HERE.

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First Aid For Mountain Bikers – Georgia League 2018

Georgia League Recommended Courses

SOLO – Wilderness Emergency Medicine

SOLO – Wilderness Emergency Medicine – Our course is designed specifically to NICA’s standards, geared towards cycling, and designed to be used for coaches operating within one hour of definitive care.

This training that will satisfy the Level 2 and 3 First Aid and CPR/AED requirements if your practices are within 1 hour of definitive care. This is not the full 2-day Wilderness First Aid course certification.

DATE/TIME: Saturday, May 25th, 2019 │8:00am
LOCATION: Allatoona Creek Park Pavillion-2450 Pinter Rd  Acworth, GA   30101

Please bring your own snacks, water, chair and lunch. There are no restaurants in close proximity to the park for lunch.

COST: $70 per person for both certifications


DATE/TIME: Saturday, July 20, 2019 │8:00am
LOCATION: Academies of Discovery-3215 Poplar Springs Road, Gainesville, GA 30507

COST: $70 per person for both certifications

Bring snacks and water. Several fast food restaurants within walking or driving distance or bring your own lunch.


The training is a full 8 hours in order to thoroughly cover all necessary topics and hands-on practice. This will be followed by a CPR session, to be held after the First Aid class, which typically runs an additional 2 hours. Bring your own snacks, drinks and lunch, or there are several fast food restaurants in close proximity to the venue.

We have a limit of 30 spots for the class. If you do not secure one of those spots, please email If we have enough requests, we will schedule another training day.

Other Courses

American Area Council- Boy Scouts of America

Wilderness First Aid

Planning a trip to the back country where a 911 call cannot get through, or where rescue may be hours away? Going to Philmont, Northern Tier, or Sea Base? Hiking the Appalachian Trail with your Troop or Crew? You might find yourself in a situation requiring not only first aid, but also care until evacuation or rescue.

Take your standard first aid skills to a higher level. The Atlanta Area Council Activities Committee will sponsor several Wilderness First Aid Courses throughout the year. They are offered at Basic and Advanced levels.

American Red Cross Certification

This is a 16-hour course developed by the American Red Cross (ARC) and is taught by scout leaders who are certified ARC instructors. Participants, who complete all course requirements, receive a two-year ARC certification. The course requires that all participants complete either of two evening/afternoon orientation sessions AND one all-day Saturday session. This course is open to all adult leaders, AND we encourage scouts 14 and older to participate.

For more information about dates and classes please click here.

*Do you know of possible First Aid, CPR/AED or Wilderness First Aid courses? Share these with Lisa Hayes, She will verify they meet the NICA requirements and post them for coaches as other options to fulfill the requirements for licensing.