Tour Divide

GA League board member, Eddie O’Dea, will test his cycling endurance in the June 2017 Tour Divide, an annual mountain biking race traversing the length of the Rocky Mountains, from Canada to the Mexican border along the Great divide Mountain Bike Route – 2,745- miles (4,418 km)! Eddie will be raising awareness and funds for the GA League along the way!

Please consider a pledge to support Eddie for every mile he rides in this extreme test of endurance, self reliance and mental toughness. Just click on the PLEDGE LINK to enter your pledge per mile towards Eddie O’Dea’s journey in the Tour Divide. The total amount of mileage will be the mileage Eddie completes within the race, not to exceed 2,745 miles. You will receive an email stating the total amount of miles Eddie has ridden upon time of payment due. All proceeds from all events will benefit the Georgia Interscholastic Cycling League Financial Aid and Loaner Bike programs.

You can also make a Flat Donation if you prefer. Click HERE to make a Flat Donation for Eddie’s Tour Divide Adventure

Follow Eddie and every rider’s Tour Divide efforts at:
Each rider gets a dot laid over the route map. Blue is boys, pink for the ladies. If it says scratched next to a name, that means they are out of the race (some may continue on riding as a tour, but their race is over).

Backpacking 101 with Eddie O'Dea

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Save the Dates, our 2017 Race Schedule is out!

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